Natural Treatments For Hair Loss


Majority of people enter the world bald and also exit the same way yet they spend their entire lives trying to flaunt their hair. On an average, every human loses upto 100 hair strands a day. Hair growth is not consistent and it depends on the way one treats his or her hair and scalp. Most of the times, the hair loss is replaced rather quickly for us to take notice of it. But when the hair loss starts happening at an alarming rate, it is cause to worry. Hair loss also leads to psychological problems like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, fear etc.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss start when a specific enzyme converts testosterone hormone into another hormone called DHT. Hereditary hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia is also one of the common hair loss causes across the world. More the number of DHT hormones or Androgens one has, the faster he or she will lose hair. Generally, men lose hair from the centre of their scalps while women rarely go bald. Women’s hair gets thinner and the part gets wider along with the hair starts receding backwards from the front of the scalp.

Hair loss can also occur due to emotional stress and is called Telogen effluvium. This happens when any individual suffers from some physiological loss like loss of job, pregnancy, divorce etc. However, the hair re-growth process starts once the stress period is over.

Some other factors that trigger hair loss are birth control pills, side effects of certain medicines or supplements. Hair loss also takes place because of chemotherapy drugs. Syphilis, Thyroid and other health problems also cause hair loss. Reasons like improper hair care, pulling hair, too tight hairstyles also trigger hair loss which causes premature falling of hair. Improper diet, menopause, sudden weight fluctuations, iron deficiency, extreme hair treatments etc. also cause hair loss problems.

Hair Loss Prevention

History is full of examples of what the great men like Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra etc. have done to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair. The first and foremost step top prevent hair loss is to check whether or not one is lacking the essential vitamins, a balanced diet enriched with proteins and iron along with inclusion of fresh fruits and green leafy veggies on a regular basis. One should also make sure to wash the hair twice a week with a mild sulphate free shampoo. Also, make sure to keep the levels of sleeplessness, anxiety and stress at a bare minimum. Opt for regular scalp checkups to prevent any infections and allergies that might lead to loss of hair. In case, hair fall persists even after addressing all the aforementioned things, a dermatologist should be consulted to establish the reason behind hair fall.

Other hair prevention options include surgical hair transplants and grafting to achieve the natural look. Hair is taken from the base of the scalp in these surgical procedures. However, all these surgeries are quite expensive for the common man.


Precautions Of Hair Loss Treatments Or Medications


For the reduction of hair loss various treatments are taken by the bald people or patients who are seeking a solution of hair loss. Different solutions are available for the bald people as hair loss treatment. Someone is interested to take herbal treatment, someone is interested to take medicines or someone chooses surgical operations as hair loss treatments. But all of them need to be conscious of the treatments. Besides, they need to know the treatments thoroughly. Now we are going to describe some precautions which are needed to take before choosing any hair loss treatments.

Precautions for shampoo and oil: Plenty of conditioners and shampoos are available in the world but the people need to choose the right shampoo or conditioner for their hair.

  • First of all people have to choose quality shampoos or conditioners for hair. Plenty of rough shampoos are found in the market. In this case, people can choose any popular brand. Various local products are found in the market but the users should purchase products from the right dealer.
  • Different shampoos are generated for different hairs. So, before purchasing any shampoo people need to understand the hair condition. Besides, shampoos are generated for distinguished hair problems.
  • People should check the expired date of the products and the real logo of the manufacturing company at the time of purchasing.
  • Various oils are available but all of them are not well refined. Users should be conscious of the quality. It is better to generate herbal or natural oil in home. it will be more helpful.
  • After using any kind of gel or hair oil people need to wash the hair with shampoos.
  • It is not a good decision using shampoo daily. Users can use shampoo 4 days in a week.

Precautions of surgical treatments: When the natural remedies don’t work, people try some surgical treatments for hair growth. But they should be aware of taking any surgical treatments.

  • First of all, the users should be aware of costs of the treatments. Most of the surgical treatments are very costly and middle class people can’t afford this type of expensive treatment. So, it is urgent to consult with the specialist about the cost.
  • Patients should consult with minimum two or three doctors before taking any decisions. When the specialists or doctors support surgical operations, people should walk ahead.
  • Most of the treatments are temporary. After operation patients find a good shape of hair for few days and hair fall starts after few days or month. So, the users must be careful about the permanence of the treatment.
  • There are a lot of surgeries for hair treatment. But experienced and skilled doctors and specialists are not available for the operations. It is urgent to be ensured about the experience and skill of the doctors who will generate the operation.
  • Every medication contains plenty of side effects. so, the users have to choose the right treatment or medications which are free from any side effects.
  • Pregnant women should not take any surgical operation as hair loss treatment.

Nutrients to Decrease Hair Loss


It is must to provide proper nutrients to hair to stop hair loss and make hair shiny. When the people will take proper nutrients, hair growth will be enhanced. Hair is full of different nutrients. When the nutrients are not available in the hair, the hair damage is started. We can take these nutrients from the foods and other supplements. But first of all we have to know the essential nutrients and then need to fix menu with nutrients to decrease hair loss.

Iron and zinc: Iron and zinc are vastly needed for hair growth. When the lacking of iron and zinc are occurred in the hair, the hair starts falling. So, it is obviously needed to provide enough iron and zinc to hair. We can select some foods which are full of iron and zinc in our daily routine and it will make our hair healthy and shiny. Red meats can be taken to fulfill these nutrients. Red meats are full of iron and zinc. It can be taken once or twice a week. Besides, lentil and lean can be the good sources of these essential nutrients. These foods will help us to reduce hair loss and help to grow up new hair.

Vitamin C: Lack of vitamin C can cause various scurvy problems to the scalp. Vitamin C is highly needed to take to avoid this scurvy problem. When the scalp doesn’t get proper vitamin C, this scurvy problem is observed and it causes hair decrement. To fulfill vitamin C, we can take plenty of fruits which are full of citric acid. Orange, lemon or grapes can be the great sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is very essential nutrients for hair growth. We need to take enough vitamin D to provide healthy hairs. Burning in the sun can provide vitamin D. But most of the experts don’t suggest this procedure to take vitamin D as sun can provide harmful ultra violet rays. This ultra violet ray is very harmful for the skin. So, it is highly recommended to take enough vitamin D supplements to make our hair shiny and healthy.

Protein: Protein is must for better hair growth. To fulfill this nutrient we can keep enough foods in our daily routine. Salmon fish, spinach can be the good solution of protein. Salmon fish can be taken once or twice a week to supply proper protein to the scalp. Red meat, egg or milk can also be taken in the daily menu. Besides, 46 grams of protein should be taken by a woman daily. Chicken can be another good source of protein.

Omega 3 fatty acid: This nutrient keeps our hair silky and healthy. It makes our scalp relaxed. Salmon fish is full of omega 3 fatty acid. So, the people should take salmon fish once a week for the supply of omega 3 fatty acid to the scalp.

Vitamin B: As vitamin B is needed for better scalp, people can take an egg daily for fulfilling vitamin B in our hair. Egg is full of vitamin B. besides, we can take vitamin B supplements to fulfill enough nutrient in our body including hair.


Famous Hair Styles In 2015


A smart hair style brings a nice look to the face. The hair style depends on some important things. Hair style can be different on the shape of face. Different parties and environments require distinguished hair styles. Different hair styles provide completely different looks. Some leading hair styles for man are given below and the styles are very appealing to the people.

Caeser cut: This cut is very popular to young people. It is suitable to any kind of face. The hair is cut by the trimmer.  The small hair is very appealing and popular for its lower maintenance system. The people don’t need to worry about the hair and its maintenance system. In this style, hair is smaller than any other style. It suits to any corporate party easily. Any types of dress can be worn with this hair style. If the users use any hair gel on the hair, it remains straight all day long. Sid hair is smaller than front hair in this style. This style is done by the athletes and actors spontaneously. The hip hop musicians keep this hair style. The spiked hair with gel and cream provides a smart look to the users.

Angular fringe: Angular fringe is one of the leading hair styles in 2015. In this hair styles hair is cut in an angular shape. The front part of the hair is too long than back part of the head. It matches with all facial shapes though it is more suitable to round shaped face. Some popular actors try this hair style in their movies and day by day the popularity of this hair style is increasing. Most of the time, it is seen that Barcelona striker Neymar keep this hair cutting and then the hair style spreads all over the world.

Simple casual: Simple casual is very popular to young people and it provides a sexy look to the young people. In this style, the hair remains long on the top part of the head. The hair remains small on the back side of the head. The hair of sides of the head remains smaller too. The front part should be shaped with different styles. By using stylist cream and hard gel people can keep their hair spiked and they can do back brush. Both of them offer unprecedented looks to the people. The maintenance system is not full of complicacy and people apply this style on their hair spontaneously.

Brushed up: This hair style is very common and appealing to people. People can spontaneously try this style on their heads. It is suitable to any occasional party. Hair on the top of the head is too long. This hair is spiked and brushed up with hard gel and styling cream. The maintenance system of hair is not too tough. With this hair style people can keep beard in their face and it provides manly look to the users.

Short back and sides: In this style the hair is long only in the front side. Hair on the back side and two sides are totally same. It is one of the leading hair styles in 2015 though it ranked in the top list before too.